Paper Cuttings

Here are a few of my hand done paper cuttings:

Paper cuttings are hand done with an x-acto knife.  They are filled with many personalized details. They are fragile as they are all cut from one piece of paper, with very intricate designs.  

This was a cutting commissioned by a family with four children.  Each point of the star included details about each child, including their favorite things, animals, nicknames and heritage.

A Ghana themed cutting with much symbolism, flora, fauna, wildlife, iconic references, and cultural themes.

A paper cutting made for bluegrass music lovers.

A Legend of Zelda themed cutting.  There is absolutely no decorative "filler" material in this cutting.  That is, every single item has a meaning directly related to the theme.  It is a fun "Eye Spy" sort of activity for Link fans.

A highly personalized cutting for a missionary to Thailand.

A small, fun piece. 

A very early, giraffe themed piece.  Circa 2007.

A memorial for a much loved pet.

This family has children adopted from three different countries, as well as biological children, and all countries and cultures are represented in this paper cutting.  This piece is rich in symbolism and personal meaning, all stemming from a central "family tree".

Paper cuttings are quite labor intensive, and require approximately three weeks to complete. In most cases, the research and planning for each cutting takes more time than the cutting itself!  Time frames are contingent upon other projects I am working on. Cuttings can be made in any custom size or shape, but my most common size is 12" x 12".  They can be created in any combination of highly contrasting colors.  Cuttings are highly personalized to incorporate any themes requested.  
I reserve the right to refuse themes I feel are inappropriate, or that I feel I am not able to render effectively to my own high standards.  Prices vary based on size, and degree of intricacy requested.  An average price for a 12" x 12" custom design is $250.00.  




  1. Hannah, I found your creations through a string of adoption blogs.
    Have you sold the "snowflake" with the stringed instruments yet? How much are you asking for it?

    Please email me! Thanks,
    Corrie Johnson

  2. These are just incredible. I will be keeping these in mind; what unique and personal gifts they would make.